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We're a strategic transformation firm working with healthcare organizations to envision and create the future and stay ahead of the curve in the ever changing healthcare landscape.  We help healthcare providers, product and service suppliers, advocacy groups and academia to

  • Identify new growth engines
  • Choose the optimal path for success, and
  • Shape organizational change. 

We work with leaders of the enterprise, strategic business units, divisions and departments of healthcare organizations.

With over 50 years of experience in healthcare and business change, Mickey Kirzecky and David Jones bring a passion for breakthrough thinking, pragmatic planning and meaningful change.  They have led strategic planning and transformation efforts for fortune 100 companies, privately held companies and start-ups. 

TKG is known for keenly spotting market indicators to predict relevant future healthcare trends for clients, keeping TKG clients ahead of the curve in creating the future. 

About TKG Healthcare Consulting