Product and Portfolio Management

Business Change Management

We have over 30 years in healthcare working in segments as provider, supplier, consultant as well as in healthcare policy.  We help clients expand perspective to identify and  leverage  areas for innovation and growth.  We have helped health care leaders develop strategies to navigate industry change and create opportunities for meaningful innovation, financial vitality and better patient experience and outcomes.

Healthcare organizations are facing significant pressure to adapt to new strategic directions and models. We have extensive experience in tackling business change challenges in relation to organizational process and workflow, information and technology and structure and culture.

We enable healthcare leaders to frame and build business change plans to successfully evolve their organizations to achieve their strategic goals.

Healthcare's changing policies, regulations, incentives as well as  healthcare consumerism are giving rise to new healthcare business models throughout the industry for providers, suppliers and service organizations. Our understanding of the dynamics of the healthcare market and experience in creating innovative business models provides clients with the canvas to design new business models for transforming a healthcare organization for the future.

Organizations in healthcare are undergoing significant changes.  Having a well developed roadmap for change optimizes the journey as well as the results.  We have years of experience in developing customized methodologies for business change, technology selection and system integration, and business process re-engineering.  These capabilities provide our clients with a seasoned, systematic approaching in creating and guiding the strategic change initiatives.

Methodology Development

We have lead nationally-renowned healthcare brands, product portfolios, as well as business development efforts to bring innovative healthcare products, services and business results.  This experience makes us excellent partners in working with healthcare leaders to identify and build new product and service opportunities.  We help clients conceive and align business strategies, as well as develop business plans  to maximize enterprise value through optimizing growth.

TKG excels at the intersection of health care and business.  We bring business perspective to health care professionals, helping them achieve outcomes that are  meaningful to patients and also get positive business results for the organization.  We provide business professionals with the health care perspective that considers the impact on patients and the healthcare system, and also brings opportunity and positive results for their organizations. 

In all instances our eye is on the customer, market and landscape to keep the right focus and create innovative opportunities.  Our broad experience provides a span of expertise and capabilities to our clients around healthcare, product and portfolio management, business model development, business change management, business architecture, and methodology development.

Business Architecture

Business Model Development

Expertise and capabilities


Market pressures and changing healthcare models are demanding that healthcare organizations rethink and redesign roles and functions, information sharing, and processes. We have extensive experience across multiple industries and government, including healthcare, in architecting business areas.  This experience informs our clients during strategic transformation planning on the future needs and blueprint of the optimized organization in relation to key business dimensions: structure, process, information, technology and roles.