Strategic Transformation Planning

By nature of their complexity, scope of impact, and uncertainty, strategic decisions are difficult at best.  TKG works with healthcare leaders, using a state of the art quality decision approach that  enables them to make data-supported strategic decisions. As a result of our disciplined approach, leaders can be more confident that they have arrived at an optimal strategic decision to advance business goals and organizational value.

Quality Strategic Decision process

When the strategic direction of an organization changes, the existing business architecture may not be sufficient to deliver on the new strategy.   Understanding implications of a new strategy on an organization's  structure, processes, technology and culture to make the appropriate business changes is critical in achieving success with a new strategic direction.  TKG helps healthcare leaders create change strategies to effectively deliver on strategic plans.

The business of healthcare is a moving target.  Changes in the healthcare landscape as well as greater competition are causing healthcare leaders to be more proactive in looking for ways to increase their enterprise value and sustainability.   TKG helps healthcare leaders enhance strategic direction and better position their organizations for the long term to increase business value and grow in the context of industry trends and changing customer and stakeholder needs.

Strategic Business Change Planning

TKG helps healthcare leaders navigate business uncertainty for future opportunity and growth.  TKG offers customizable approaches based on solid, tested models and tools that advance clients through strategic transformation planning, quality strategic decision process and strategic business change planning.