We bring over 50 years of success in healthcare and business change in working with leaders in your organization, using proven models and methods.  Since each organization has a unique culture, as well as business and change challenges, we customize our strategic business change planning approach to meet the needs of each organization.

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Create change plans to realize a new strategic direction

Savvy healthcare organizations have turned the disruption of the healthcare industry into opportunities for change and growth in advancing their market positions.  However,  transformative change is difficult at best.  People in organizations, while maybe not satisfied, are often complacent or even resistant to change.  A healthcare organization that complements its strategic planning process with a robust change strategy planning is better poised to achieve successful transformation.  TKG's Transformation and Business Change Management Framework model applies a systematic approach to change strategy that integrates with the strategic planning process, ensuring that the new strategic direction is implications of the new strategic direction are appropriately addressed in an actionable strategic change plan.

TKG helps healthcare leaders

  • Translate the organization’s strategic direction into a change roadmap
  • Create the strategic change approach
  • Define organization change requirements
  • Identify key organization change enablers and detractors, as well as how to leverage and over them respectively
  • Create the path forward with measurements to success in completing the strategic change plan.