TKG works with  leaders in healthcare organizations to develop Strategic Transformation Plans (STP) that 

  • Revitalize, even reinvent strategic direction to a future vision
  • Align value propositions to new market dynamics
  • Create business models to capitalize on future market shifts
  • Conceive new product and service offerings through the lens of the changing healthcare landscape
  • Develop the organizational roadmap for strategies and business plans to achieve the new or enhanced direction and transform the organization accordingly.

Kirzecky, Jones, The New Era of Healthcare is Ushering in Opportunity and Innovation for Organiztions throughout Healthcare, Population Health Management, Volume 16, Number 6, 2013, © Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.  DOI: 10.1089/pop.2013.0027

Healthcare is in the midst of a significant transformation that will take many years and multiple iterations toward a value based, outcomes driven endpoint, with consumerism having a significant impact.  Healthcare providers, suppliers, service organizations and even academia cannot function in a business as usual manner and have already begun  to make changes.  The seismic shift in the direction of healthcare calls healthcare organizations to conceive of and deliver plans to lead their organizations' business  transformation, to be competitive, and increase their enterprise value. The degree of change a healthcare organization considers is consistent with the degree to which the organization will align with, or even drive to the future state of healthcare. 

TKG uses its Degree of Healthcare Organizational Transformation change model in helping healthcare organizations begin to envision their future possibilities.

We bring over 50 years of success in healthcare and business change to work with leaders in your organization, using proven models and methods.  We immerse ourselves in your business and challenges to understand your perspective, and also bring in a fresh set of experienced eyes, ears and industry perspective in exploring future opportunities. 

Revitalize your organization, division or department strategic direction to create enterprise growth